Dayton Hines – The T&A Workout

The T&A Workout

The T&A Workout

Some girls model naked once or twice and never return or appear anywhere else. That’s the case with Dayton Hines, a creamy-skinned blonde from Michigan.

Dayton was a 19-year-old student when she posed, charmed and persuaded by a male friend (but not a boyfriend) to send her photos to us. Her buddy was an avid TSG fan and thought everyone would love Dayton. He probably could have sold ice to Norway.

Dayton said she likes doing outdoor things with friends and going to clubs at night, places with lots of people and activity. “I like to wear sexy, low-cut tops, tight skirts and tight shirts,” Dayton said. “Sometimes I wear a bra, sometimes I don’t.

This is a reformatting of the Dayton Hines workout. We don’t know of any fitness centers that allow this. If we did, we’d send our model reps there every day.

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Sashaa Juggs – Jumpin’ On Juggs

Jumpin’ On Juggs

Jumpin' On Juggs

Carlos is up to something. He’s fiddling with Sashaa Juggs’ scale so she thinks she’s lost weight. But she really hasn’t. Carlos is happy with the way Sashaa’s body is and wants her to stay that way because he enjoys fucking this plump and juicy morsel.

Once Carlos’ sneaky mission does the trick and Sashaa is happy, he’s all over her like a wild man, squeezing her massive mams, rubbing her chubby cheeks and bending her over the bed. He pulls his boner out of his pants and sticks it inside her pussy, fucking her hard from behind without bothering to take off his clothes.

Turning her around, he forcefully fucks Sashaa’s mouth and titanic tits. She gets on her back and puts her legs in the air, waiting for his flight to arrive. Carlos dives into her pussy and drills away. “Oh shit!” cries Sashaa when his dick begins pumping her. It’s a miracle the bed sheets didn’t burst into flames.” Her pussy clamped on my cock like a vise,” Carlos said later on.

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Katrin – Full-Figured Fox

Full-Figured Fox

Full-Figured Fox

Meet Katrin, a full-figured fox with a lush body and a beautiful face. Can you guess where we found Katrin? She never speaks in this video so there’s no accent to provide any clues.

Katrin loves cats and dogs, likes to play video games but is not a gamer (like Suzumi Wilder), loves to cook and likes to go to amusement parks when the weather’s warm.

It’s the first time at XL Girls for Katrin yet she took to showing every inch, spreading her pussy and butthole, playing with her big tits and pleasuring her pussy with one of the toys she brought to the shoot. Katrin has sexy, hot legs too.

A girl you can’t say no to.

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